Common European Framework

Common European Framework_EN

estandares basicos para la enseñanza del ingles

estandares basicos en la formacion de la lengua extranjera

Printable Resources

If you are a teacher and need material for your classes here I leave you a eonderfull web page where you can find Printable material as worksheets, games, crossword and more to teach and learn English, French, Portuguese and history.

task new technology

Motivation in a foreign language is an important factor in the teaching and second language acquisition because when a student is motivated he/she is encourages to participate more actively in class. I think one of the best ways to increase the motivation of the students is using innovative teaching materials and work with activities that allow the student to deduce his/her own knowledge, this gives more security and confidence in itself/herself.

Work with CD-rooms is a novel factor that facilitates the work of students and teachers; it changes the routine in the classroom enable the students to learn in a different and more dynamic way motivating the students but I do not consider it as a necessary or indispensable tool in the teaching of a foreign language because there are many different material and resources that a teacher can use with her/his students.

On the other hand, I think the use of computers and the Internet in education are tools that provide us access to a large number of information of different kinds, besides, they also give people the opportunity to access to the education, today it is possible to study through online courses, but I do not share the idea that computers replace teachers in the future, why? Because computers do not have voice or vote, they do not think and they can not express their opinions about something, the computer can not correct the errors and mistakes, they can not clarify doubts and to respond our concerns, although I agree that these tools facilitate and promote the autonomy of people learning